The latest figures show New York homeless shelters are at a record high 60,400 and over 24,000 of them are youth.

TheEdwardMorganBallet Theatre Ensemble

Edward Morgan

Joseph Alexander   Cherayl Coup

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Donna Lamb

Artists Donating Their Time
3rd Annual Ballet For The Homeless !    

We Sing, We Dance, We Feed ! TheEdwardMorganBallet will be honoring Earth Day by planting seeds of awareness with performances on April 20, 21, and 22 for the Church of the Holy Apostles. The performances will benefit the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, the Church’s primary on-site mission which has served hungry and homeless New Yorkers since 1982.

The performances are free to the public first come first served, but if you would like a guaranteed reserved seat you must make a donation of $50. All seats must be reserved whether they a free seats or $50 seats. The youngest child that can attend this performance must be in 1st grade. Absolutely no babies allowed.

If you cannot attend the performance and would like to make a donation you may send a tax-deductible check made out to TheEdwardMorganBallet and on the description line write “Ballet For The Homeless”, send to PO BOX 1796 Radio City Station New York, NY 10101

Credit card donations may be received by clicking on Eventbrite tickets on the donation tab.

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“Ballet dancers, actors, singers and many other types of artists commune together to support the homeless in New York City,” says TheEdwardMorganBallet Executive Director Joseph Alexander.
At 92 years young, Lynne Charnay is still celebrating life and love. Ms. Charnay is the protege of the wonderful American composer and lyricist Jerry Herman (Hello Dolly). She has appeared in five Broadway shows, including Julia, Jake & Uncle Joe (1961),  John Kandor's first Broadway musical, A Family Affair (1962), The Sunday Man (1964), The Inspector General (1978), and The Grand Tour (1979). Over the decades she has appeared in more off-Broadway and regional productions and revues. She has also been performing in cabaret rooms in New York City for over thirty years. "Lynne Charnay is perfection!" John S. Wilson, The New York Times, and as Rex Reed once said, "You learn something valuable in her presence."
Joseph Alexander is working with producers for a new ballet musical
starring Lynne Charnay and Edward Morgan.
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Directed & Choreographed by Edward Morgan, former principal of the original Joffrey Ballet NYC, director of Joffrey II, choreographer of the television show ClubMTV, and now choreographer of his own ballet company TheEdwardMorganBallet.

This Mass For The Ballet is inspired by one of Mr. Alexander’s dance students, part of TheEdwardMorgan Outreach Program. She came up to him in class and said, “I will be late for rehearsal tomorrow because I’m moving into a homeless shelter.” Mr. Alexander recalls that he was actually in shock when the little girl said this to him. He conferred with Edward Morgan who responded by saying the little girl is very talented and mentally stable; his advice was that if she weren’t treated the same as everyone else, she wouldn’t be happy. “So I was afraid,” said Mr. Alexander, “but I turned around and said, ‘DON’T BE LATE!’ And the little girl looked at me and said, ‘Oh don’t worry Mr. Alexander, I already told my mama that we need to move early so we won’t be late!’” Not only did she do a great performance, but she was not late for rehearsal and her excitement and enthusiasm for the program blew Mr. Alexander away.
The mission of Every Voice Choirs is to promote the musical and personal growth of youth by helping them discover their voices and share them with pride. We seek to build on students' unique musical interests and experiences, creating ensembles shaped by their diverse members, in which every voice is welcome and every voice truly matters.

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 Joyce Yamada Artist
Moving Dance Installation
Fitzgerald Sam

Fitzgerald Sam has been playing traditional Congolese rhythms for over 20 years. Mr. Sam is a faculty member at the Brooklyn Music School, specializing in African and Afro-Caribbean percussion. He is an active member of Mfouambila and Fusia dance companies. He performs regularly with Congolese dancer and choreographer Eto Chana. Mr. Sam loves sharing the language of the drums, bringing all ages into his orbit to feel the heartbeat of African music.

Author Carolyn Burke
A literary dance production collaboration: Burke has published three biographies, all to critical acclaim. After spending many years in Paris she was inspired by Piaf’s music to write No Regrets, which has been called "an eloquent embrace of the famed French singer-songwriter" (Publishers Weekly, starred review); "sympathetic . . . captivating . . . highly effective" (New York Review of Books); "masterful storytelling" (Library Journal); and listed among the best books of the year by the San Francisco Chronicle and the Sunday Times. Her book has been translated into many languages, quite suitable since Edith Piaf touched so many people.


Michelle Ekizien's Opera
Gorky's Dream Garden

On Site Opera
General & Artistic Director Eric Einhorn

Artist Joyce Yamada
 Science & Art & Dance

Stan Satlin's
Indian Trilogy and Footsteps of Mandela
produced by Alex De Fortuna 

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