Emmisarey Muses

City Of San Antonio

Greetings: Know ye all men by presents, that

Edward Morgan

is hereby officially appointed as

Emissary of the Muses of this historic and beautiful city located a the banks of the Sun Antonio River, in the County of Bexar, State of Texas. 

As Emissary of the Muses, you are committed to relating the uniqueness of San Antonio, its beauties, attractions, culture, and rich history as a patron of the arts and sciences.

As master of the arts and sciences, you agree to extol San Antonia as a place to live, worship, work and play.

You shall retain this commission as long as you perform your Duties faithfully.

This appointment becomes effective on the 26th Day of July, 2008.

Phil Hardberger     Mayor

Attest: City Clerk