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February 13, 1998

Pictured Dancer Joseph Alexander 

What do you get when you combine classical ballet with Club MTV? The MorganScott Ballet, a dynamic partnership of choreographer Edward Morgan and producing director Daniel Scott, that’s what. Not even a year old, MorganScott is now
making its Big Apple premiere after a successful Midwest tour. Morgan, a former principal dancer with the Joffrey Ballet, has yet to find a genre in which he cannot apply his skills. In addition to working for the joffrey and forming the jazz program at its affiliated ballet school, Morgan has also worked for Club MTV and choreographed a number for the first AIDS Dance a-Thon.

On forming the MorganScott Ballet Company, Scott says, “We wanted to make it a company that is ballet with spirit, not just beauty and technique.” The company has already become popular for its ballet set to the music of Al Jarreau, a section of which was performed at Carnegie Hall last year. The current concert, titled SpiritBound, seeks to fuse the energy of club dancing with ballet, creating more freedom of expression. The MorganScott Ballet doesn’t wait for challenges in dance to be thrown at it, the company creates its own. SpiritBound, 8pm, February 20-21 at the John Jay College Theater (899 1oth Ave), $2o. For information, call 279-4200