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Alexander created a new dance form. Rolling Art, combining ballet and club dancing on roller skates. Not only has Mr. Alexander been a staple in the New York skate scene, he has appeared at the Metropolitan Pavilion and Hunter College, and has been photographed in The New York Times, The New York Post, and in a new book called SEPT. 2020 NYC. Alexander has been seen abroad in Paris, Belgium, Berlin and photographs of his roller skating has made it all the way to the SO1 gallery in Tokyo, Japan and the NowHere Gallery in SoHo, New York. Alexander has made television appearances on ABC, WPIX11, and in Belgium on BE NY. Alexander has performed in the North Charleston Arts Fest, Landing On Planet Odds in the Miami Design District, Buro 79 Outdoor Gallery in Wynwood, Hot Honey Sundays Pride Celebration at The Greenpoint Terminal Market in Brooklyn, The 2021 NYC Halloween Parade and a special film with Graffiti Artist ZeFlorist in Miami, Florida. Alexander is creating a theatrical presentation for the fall of 2022 where skating will take to you to another dimension! 

Click On Video Page To See New Rolling Art Miami 2021 Skate Dance Graffiti Artist ZeFlorist, Halloween Parade Rolling Art 2021, Miami Rolling Art Fashion Dance Runway 2021, Gay Pride 2021 Rolling Art Brooklyn Hot Honey Sundays and Rolling Art Skate Team Footage

Rolling Art Performance Skate Team

Division A 
Advanced Skate Performance Team
Division B
Beginner/Intermediate Skate Performance Team
Division C
Youth Skaters Ages 13 to 18
Classes, rehearsals and performances for each division will be scheduled during the audition process.

Alexander travels throughout the nation looking for rinks for his upcoming productions!

P.O. Box 1796 Radio City Station 
New York, NY 10101
Phone: 212-582-1941

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