The Aletheia Talent Group (ATG)
Fashion Dance Runway Theater
New York Fashion Week 2024

Ballet & Theater For The Homeless
Coming Fall 2024

Upside Down/Inside Out Halloween Angelic Blessings

50th Anniversary Village Halloween Parade

SohoMuse Latin Ignition Guggenheim

Earth Day 2023 Dance Film

Classical Dance Compilation

Dance / Skate Space Gallery Performance 2023
Portland, Maine

NEW Club MTV Archival Video

NEW Rolling Art 2023

Rolling Art New York City Pride March 2023

Outreach Program

New York City 2022 Village Halloween Parade

Artist Camomile Hixon
Phase II Ballet on Mars 2022

Al Jarreau Performances

Ballet & Theater For The Homeless

Mayor Koch & Edward Morgan Award Winning PSA

Star Search Television

Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Mass For The 21st Century

Stonewall 50 – Pride Celebration

The Arsenio Hall Show – Hollywood

Goddard Riverside Youth Outreach

Marching Band PBS Documentary

Marilyn McCoo Music Videos

Edward Morgan Photographic History

Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes Palladium Night Club

Rolling Art – Miami Artist

Coming Out Of The Dark 2020

Edith Piaf Tribute Paris, France

New York 1 News
New Yorkers Of The Week

Rolling Art – Vinyl Nights Dance Parade 2023

War Against The Coronavirus

Ballet Youth Outreach Programs

Youth Choreographic Workshop UNESCO – Paris, France

Paris Didgeridoo & Drum Festival Online Magazine 5th Anniversary

Hot Honey Pride 2021

Art Dance Film Oh What A Tangle

Rolling Art – New York City Village Halloween Parade 2021

Paris Fashion Dance
Photo Shoot

Rolling Art – Fashion Dance Runway Planet Odds Miami 2021

Up & Down Night Club NYC

NYC Village Halloween Parade NY1 News

French Television

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New York, NY 10101

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