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Created by Director Joseph Alexander, TheEdwardMorganBallet Outreach programs are dedicated to working with children and adults

of all ages in under-served communities. Our goal is to fortify emotional, physical, psychosocial, and artistic growth and development

through workshops, and performances.

With our Youth Outreach Programs we are committed to helping each program participant come into confident possession of their innate talent, and establish values that will allow them to grow into responsible adults, and act with compassion and humanity. 

With our Intergenerational work we bring together the experienced to lead the young, each to inspire.

Mr. Morgan has always held a strong commitment and priority for sharing dance with people of all ages and backgrounds encouraging and allowing each dancer to express their individuality, while learning to become part of  an ensemble.

Ballet For The Homeless brought together people from all walks of life. Performers included ballet dancers, musicians, actors and singers.

They communed together 3 years in a row through the arts to raise consciousness about the homeless epidemic in New York City.

Outreach performances have included Hostos, Lehman, Hunter Colleges, Jacob Javits Center, Columbia University, Bronx Museum, The Children's Museum of Manhattan, The Harlem Tutorial Program, The Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration at Bronx High School for the Visual Arts, and Florence Gould Hall. The children were featured on television in a special dance presentation in the NYC Village Halloween Parade, and New York 1's New Yorker Of The Week. Students were selected from NYC to travel to San Antonio, Texas, to perform at The Carver Cultural Community Center, produced by Joseph Alexander. The program has also been extended internationally to children in Charleroi, Belgium, and at the Centre Social et Culturel des Fossés-Jean, in Colombes, France. (see videos)

Centers and Schools Affiliations Past & Present
P.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin School
C.E.S. 90 George Meany School
Goddard Riverside Community Center
The Mercy Center
PS/IS 218 Rafael Hernandez School
Family Preservation Center
Church of the Holy Apostles 
Citizens Advice Bureau
Jan Hus Presbyterian Church & Neighborhood House
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

In 2001, The New York Times published a Sunday Arts and Leisure article which began as follows:                                                                                    "Classical music spills out onto a dull street in the Bronx, mingling with unexpected sweetness with the sounds of merengue down the block. Just inside the Sherman Avenue Community Garden, the finishing touches are being put on the impromptu wood stage that has just gone up. Two sleek young ballet dancers arch and spin in rehearsal, watched not only by their choreographer but also by passers-by, a woman leaning out of a window across the street and men and women of all ages who have gathered to see these exotic flowers growing in their community garden."

This program for under served children is provided free of charge, so that family income does not determine opportunity. For the past years, I have been reaching into my own pocket to make the program work. I am hoping this year, you will be able to help me! Any amount of money you can give will have a meaningful impact, and will be truly appreciated, not to mention tax-deductible. P.O. BOX 1796 Radio City Station New York, NY 10101

Pictured above in television interview with NY1, Marie Artesi former 
Director of The New York City Cultural Affairs Community Arts Program. 
She along with Edward Morgan commissioned the first serious Ballet Outreach Program, in New York City, headed by TheEdwardMorgaBallet.
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Ballet Training Program Carnegie Hall

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